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6 Tweaks When an Application Won’t Work on Windows 8

Windows 8 is far better than previous versions of Windows in term of ease of application installation but still few applications will not work. There is no guarantee that all applications are compatible. You can use various tricks to run a stubborn application. Before you try, other methods go for full antivirus scan and fix registry errors with registry cleaner for Windows 8.


Turn of user account control
In Windows 8, you will hardly experience a problem related to user account control but in Windows 7 it was common. Still few applications have this problem, so you can try disabling UAC. You can ready post on internet of people who have this similar experience and resolve this by disabling UAC.

Install .Net Framework 3.5
When you update Windows to Windows 8, dot net framework of version 4.5 will automatically installed. Few old applications will require previous versions of dot net framework. If you experience a problem regarding dot net framework, go to control panel, click on Programs, and choose options to turn Windows features on/off. No Windows will show you a list of various components that you can turn on/off. Above all, one item is .Net Framework 3.5, install this component and it will resolve your issue.

Check for application patches
Sometimes everything work fine and all you need is an application patch. Just go to manufacturer of that product and ask them if they have Windows 8 patch available. It is simple solution; all you have to do is just ask them.

Upgrade to latest version
You have updated to Windows 8 and found that few applications stop work. Problem occurs because you have not updated those applications. You should go and check updates of that application for Windows 8 and it will resolve problem.

Upgrade Hardware
Many of the problems occur because of hardware. Windows 8 requires latest drivers for hardware. You may see message that Windows 8 does not support OpenGL. This error is because of device driver. Once you will update driver it will be gone. Some of the AMD catalyst required latest drivers.

Use Windows Troubleshoot
Windows has a utility called ‘Program Compatibility Troubleshoot’ that at times automatically resolve problems. You can run this by clicking on applications that cause problematic and choose troubleshoot compatibility command from menu.

Windows is sensibly design and does not have many errors. These simple solutions can help you in solving issue.

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