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How do I Optimize PC for Gaming?

It is really teasing that gaming hardware quickly outdated. Every day you notice that these hardware needs replacement. Moreover, there are chances that your computer is not running on optimum performance level. Because of so many reasons its working under its capabilities. To overcome these issues, below are some points that you can follow to boost up pc speed.


Hard drive space
Make sure that your hard drive has enough free space; it should not be more than 90% full. Most of people leave deleted files in recycle bin, which is burden on hard drive. Keep in mind to have some free space and empty recycle bin.

Anti-virus and Registry
Make sure that you have updated anti-virus. Otherwise, virus will capture your computer and make it slow down. Moreover, check errors in registry and fix them, if you don’t have much information on this, read ‘how to clean registry’. In this way, computer will not fall much down.

Continuous deleting and copying data on your hard drive become cause of fragmentation, which slows down your pc. Therefore, every PC needs timely defragmentation to show full performance. You can schedule defragmentation so you never forget. You can find defragmentation option, go to Start menu, Click Accessories> System Toolsand click Defragment.

Too many Applications
Most of times it goes unseen what applications are useful and we leave them stick to hard disk. Uninstall applications that are of no use to you. To do this, go to Start; click Control Panel, and Uninstall programs.

This technique can be employed to get more from hard drive than their actual capacity. It can be dangerous to play with hardware’s but if you are enthusiastic enough for gaming, you can try it at your own. It over clock hardware than their actual clock set by manufacturer. You can read more on web ‘how to over clock’

Graphic cards drivers
Graphic card is most important part for playing games. It perform heavy task of handling system graphics. You always need an appropriate graphic card to keep your games running. Moreover, it is important that graphic card driver is up to date. Go to manufacturer’s website, choose your graphic card model, and download latest driver.

Efficient use of Processor
On a single computer, you can do multiple task but modern games are quite complicated and need a lot of processing power of computer. Running other applications along games are not suggested but an application like notepad is not bad. Make sure, heavy applications are not running in minimize mood or in background. It is a good idea to give maximum available processing to your computer.

Moreover, you can read blogs on gaming websites on ‘how to get maximum out of your PC’. It may save your money.

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