Senin, 03 Juni 2013

6 Tweaks When an Application Won’t Work on Windows 8

Windows 8 is far better than previous versions of Windows in term of ease of application installation but still few applications will not work. There is no guarantee that all applications are compatible. You can use various tricks to run a stubborn application. Before you try, other methods go for full antivirus scan and fix registry errors with registry cleaner for Windows 8.


Turn of user account control
In Windows 8, you will hardly experience a problem related to user account control but in Windows 7 it was common. Still few applications have this problem, so you can try disabling UAC. You can ready post on internet of people who have this similar experience and resolve this by disabling UAC.

Install .Net Framework 3.5
When you update Windows to Windows 8, dot net framework of version 4.5 will automatically installed. Few old applications will require previous versions of dot net framework. If you experience a problem regarding dot net framework, go to control panel, click on Programs, and choose options to turn Windows features on/off. No Windows will show you a list of various components that you can turn on/off. Above all, one item is .Net Framework 3.5, install this component and it will resolve your issue.

Check for application patches
Sometimes everything work fine and all you need is an application patch. Just go to manufacturer of that product and ask them if they have Windows 8 patch available. It is simple solution; all you have to do is just ask them.

Upgrade to latest version
You have updated to Windows 8 and found that few applications stop work. Problem occurs because you have not updated those applications. You should go and check updates of that application for Windows 8 and it will resolve problem.

Upgrade Hardware
Many of the problems occur because of hardware. Windows 8 requires latest drivers for hardware. You may see message that Windows 8 does not support OpenGL. This error is because of device driver. Once you will update driver it will be gone. Some of the AMD catalyst required latest drivers.

Use Windows Troubleshoot
Windows has a utility called ‘Program Compatibility Troubleshoot’ that at times automatically resolve problems. You can run this by clicking on applications that cause problematic and choose troubleshoot compatibility command from menu.

Windows is sensibly design and does not have many errors. These simple solutions can help you in solving issue.

Minggu, 02 Juni 2013

Optimizing Windows 7 for Efficient Performance

You are observing for long time that your system is no longer fast as in past. The time is not to being worry, sitting lame, or thinking about re installation of Windows. You just have to track some optimizing landfills. Surely, system seven will work meteoric again and save your time. All you need is to learn how to speed up Windows 7 with its optimizing options.

Windows 7 is with the optimizing options. You can make changes according to your preferences to avoid slackening and optimizing Win 7. With the following smashes, you can enjoy working on your system:
Delete Unused Programs:
Some of the programs are built in with demo versions. If you feel like you certainly do not need such programs, delete them. Keeping such, software may slow down system efficiency. Uninstallation of unused programs will save system memory usage, disk space, and increase speed.

Limit Programs at Startup:
You would have observed when Windows starts, many programs run and are launched automatically. Manufacturers have designed these programs as to launch by default with startup of Windows. Point these programs not to start in startup.
Go in the notification area, click on show hidden icons, and select the programs you want to keep.
Auto runs for Windows, is a program for advanced users, assists you to clear the checkbox near to program names you want to stop from startup. This will also help you.

Defragment System Hard Disk:
Fragmentation puts more burdens on your system to work more and results in slow down system. Defragmentation program will align and allocate all disk data in same place. Thus, your system works well than before.
Turn off Visual Effects:
By disabling some visual effects, you can improve system performance. There are many visual effects in Windows 7. Moreover, you can adjust visual effects for system to work flawlessly.
You always have choice either to perform faster PC or look attractive. Therefore, for speedy choice you need to follow the procedure:
1.       Click Start Menu
2.       Type Performance Information and Tools in search bar
3.       Select Performance Information and Tools from results
4.       Click Adjust Visual Effects on left side
5.       Click Visual Effects
6.       Click Adjust for Best Performance
7.       Click OK to confirm

Scan System:
Scan system with a security program because, viruses and spyware causes slow down system and affect in many ways. Most of the times destroy system files and create distortion in registry. A reliable security program will keep safe system files by running it frequently. With the help of safe and free registry cleaner for Windows 7, you can clean registry. This will speed system-working capability. If the registry is corrupted, ultimately performance will be affected.

The only way is not to reboot system or uninstallations of necessary programs. Make sure, only important programs are running at same time. Because too many opened programs at same time causes slower system performance. Make a clear check of the programs you work on.

Deal with Windows 7 Slowdown and Program Compatible Issues

Although, Windows 7 operating system is better than its predecessors but it does not make it perfect. Some Windows 7 bugs must be annoying and do not let us to concentrate on whatever we are doing. All we need is to quick fix them. There are various problems that may arise in Windows 7 but in this article, we have pooled most common issues and their solution such as compatibility with other programs and slow performance. In this article, you will get to know how to fix these annoyances.

Windows Slow down
Windows 7 have more graphical features that makes it cool but these effects draw heavy load on graphic card and memory, which ultimately decreases performance of PC. If you experience system slow down, there are good chances that turning off effects, system may gain some speed. To do this, follow this:
1.       Go to Startmenu
2.       Type performance
3.       Select adjust the appearance and performance of windows
4.       Got to visual effects Tab
5.       Select Adjust for best performance

Windows aero out of work
First, make sure that your graphic card is up to date. If your computer came with Windows 7, it must not be an issue. It can be disabled, all you need is to learn that how to edit registry. Beware that it can permanently damage your registry. To avoid this, download free registry cleaner windows 7 and backup registry.
Go to Start menu and type regedit. Launch registry and browse to KEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM
Right click on it then modify, set value of entry EnableAeroPeek to 1 from 0
I hope that this will help. Moreover, you may experience Windows compatible issue. To deal with this, follow the procedure.

Compatibility with Older programs
Before you upgrade to Windows 7, it is recommended to have a recheck either programs are compatible. You can do it by Windows 7 upgrade advisor checks but it is limited to most common programs only. If you have already upgraded and you find that one of your programs is not compatible, there is a solution to it.
1.       Right click on installation file
2.       Select properties
3.       Select Compatibilitytab
4.       Check Run this program in compatibility mode for (choose one)
5.       Choose version of window which you know that program were working
Moreover, you can change setting for programs, depends on the issue. I am sure this article will help you in determining issues and their solution.

Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

How do I Optimize PC for Gaming?

It is really teasing that gaming hardware quickly outdated. Every day you notice that these hardware needs replacement. Moreover, there are chances that your computer is not running on optimum performance level. Because of so many reasons its working under its capabilities. To overcome these issues, below are some points that you can follow to boost up pc speed.


Hard drive space
Make sure that your hard drive has enough free space; it should not be more than 90% full. Most of people leave deleted files in recycle bin, which is burden on hard drive. Keep in mind to have some free space and empty recycle bin.

Anti-virus and Registry
Make sure that you have updated anti-virus. Otherwise, virus will capture your computer and make it slow down. Moreover, check errors in registry and fix them, if you don’t have much information on this, read ‘how to clean registry’. In this way, computer will not fall much down.

Continuous deleting and copying data on your hard drive become cause of fragmentation, which slows down your pc. Therefore, every PC needs timely defragmentation to show full performance. You can schedule defragmentation so you never forget. You can find defragmentation option, go to Start menu, Click Accessories> System Toolsand click Defragment.

Too many Applications
Most of times it goes unseen what applications are useful and we leave them stick to hard disk. Uninstall applications that are of no use to you. To do this, go to Start; click Control Panel, and Uninstall programs.

This technique can be employed to get more from hard drive than their actual capacity. It can be dangerous to play with hardware’s but if you are enthusiastic enough for gaming, you can try it at your own. It over clock hardware than their actual clock set by manufacturer. You can read more on web ‘how to over clock’

Graphic cards drivers
Graphic card is most important part for playing games. It perform heavy task of handling system graphics. You always need an appropriate graphic card to keep your games running. Moreover, it is important that graphic card driver is up to date. Go to manufacturer’s website, choose your graphic card model, and download latest driver.

Efficient use of Processor
On a single computer, you can do multiple task but modern games are quite complicated and need a lot of processing power of computer. Running other applications along games are not suggested but an application like notepad is not bad. Make sure, heavy applications are not running in minimize mood or in background. It is a good idea to give maximum available processing to your computer.

Moreover, you can read blogs on gaming websites on ‘how to get maximum out of your PC’. It may save your money.

How to Fix Memory Problem in PC

Working on a system, which is not faulty is very motivating for a common user to work for long time. However, it is not possible every time. Sometimes errors occur while user want to copy a file, install any program or perform any action in the system. Runtime errors 7 and 1001 with “out of memory” statement are common. These errors appear when the PC does not meet the programs system requirements.

Another reason might be too much memory is already being used for program to function. When there is problem in Windows registry, it also indicates such errors. For this, you need to fix registry errors with help of a registry optimizer. A good program will clean registry from errors and unused files.

When a system indicates out of memory errors, the system is referring to the conventional memory. However, it may also refer to other sections of memory or the total amount of memory. Moreover, these errors halt software (program) or processes from running.

Causes for the Error:
Memory errors can by caused by conflicts between two or more applications and their memory problems.
Following are the possible causes for the memory error:
1.       PC needs to be Rebooted
2.       In system not enough memory installed
3.       Memory Management Software not installed
4.       Not enough Disk Storage
5.       Software issues
6.       Bad memory

Solution to Fix the Problem:
Follow the steps to fix the problems in PC:

1)      Reboot the Computer:
Many PC issues are resolved in rebooting. Therefore, reboot the system before taking any other step. It may help to terminate the memory errors.
2)      Not Enough Memory Installed:
Before running any program, make it sure that your system fulfills the requirement. You can find the requirement of program on the product box.
3)      Not Enough Disk Storage:
At times, system is left with very low memory after installing the program. Therefore, always try to save a good size space on system to run the program. However, some programs need space after installation when we want to launch it.
4)      Bad Memory:
After following the above steps, if you system still gives errors. Then, you need to check the system memory. If it is faulty or corrupted, then it will not allow certain programs to run. However, it may also crash the entire PC. Add a new memory to system, which can process programs to run.

At time, virus and spywares also affect the memory. Therefore, run a complete scan. A good security program will detect viruses and spywares and clean the PC from viruses and spywares. In addition, prevent in future.