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Deal with Windows 7 Slowdown and Program Compatible Issues

Although, Windows 7 operating system is better than its predecessors but it does not make it perfect. Some Windows 7 bugs must be annoying and do not let us to concentrate on whatever we are doing. All we need is to quick fix them. There are various problems that may arise in Windows 7 but in this article, we have pooled most common issues and their solution such as compatibility with other programs and slow performance. In this article, you will get to know how to fix these annoyances.

Windows Slow down
Windows 7 have more graphical features that makes it cool but these effects draw heavy load on graphic card and memory, which ultimately decreases performance of PC. If you experience system slow down, there are good chances that turning off effects, system may gain some speed. To do this, follow this:
1.       Go to Startmenu
2.       Type performance
3.       Select adjust the appearance and performance of windows
4.       Got to visual effects Tab
5.       Select Adjust for best performance

Windows aero out of work
First, make sure that your graphic card is up to date. If your computer came with Windows 7, it must not be an issue. It can be disabled, all you need is to learn that how to edit registry. Beware that it can permanently damage your registry. To avoid this, download free registry cleaner windows 7 and backup registry.
Go to Start menu and type regedit. Launch registry and browse to KEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM
Right click on it then modify, set value of entry EnableAeroPeek to 1 from 0
I hope that this will help. Moreover, you may experience Windows compatible issue. To deal with this, follow the procedure.

Compatibility with Older programs
Before you upgrade to Windows 7, it is recommended to have a recheck either programs are compatible. You can do it by Windows 7 upgrade advisor checks but it is limited to most common programs only. If you have already upgraded and you find that one of your programs is not compatible, there is a solution to it.
1.       Right click on installation file
2.       Select properties
3.       Select Compatibilitytab
4.       Check Run this program in compatibility mode for (choose one)
5.       Choose version of window which you know that program were working
Moreover, you can change setting for programs, depends on the issue. I am sure this article will help you in determining issues and their solution.

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