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6 Important Security Essential Tips for Your PC

Everyone should know about necessary security essentials for PC to keep you protected against any unpleasant moment. People get online theft and fraud and it must be avoided by getting little knowledge about security features. In this articles some major essentials are ascribe.

Manager programs
Since you have bought PC, you use to install and uninstall many software that cause damages to your computer in various ways. When you install software, it keeps a registry key in windows and upon uninstallation, the key remains there and it get overloaded with such keys. It will create error in your computer. To fix registry errors you must have a registry cleaner. Try Google free registry cleaner. Personally, would recommend Registry Recycler for repairing registry.

Do not Download Crap
If you are unsure about a file or program does not download, it might contain virus or malware that can badly affect your PC performance. It is not deniable that not all free software’s are from trustworthy company.
Some software installs in your computer, access database and shares this data to another network. It is important to install anti-virus software.

Don’t Enter your Personal Info
Never provide your personal information on every other website. Just fill in only those websites where you can trust. For example, don’t click anywhere to login to facebook. The best way is that type address yourself directly in browser. Now type directly www.facebook.com

Trust People, Not Emails
When you are online, many of your best friends and family members are online and you think that they are trustworthy. They often asked you to do things and you actually enjoy. Besides this if some stranger or internet friend ask you to click or do something, you must be aware that it might be risky.

Always have Protection
Computer protection is important and it becomes more important when you are unsure about what is safe on internet. Moreover, you do not have much knowledge on how to protect your PC. In this case, you can install firewalls that enable your computer to protect against threats.

Get Rid of Virus
Internet is full of viruses and its other forms. To be on safe side you must have a good anti-virus softwareinstall on your computer. You must scan your computer in timely manner to avoid PC indulge in different circumstances. There are various free trusted programs available for your help.

These security essentials are important for your computer health. There are lot more updates on internet, you can subscribe to few website to keep yourself updated with latest issues.

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