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Common Issues in Windows 7 Immigration

So, you are all set to move to Windows 7. It is easy but there are some quirks that you must aware of before just put your head into a new Window. First, make sure that you have a clean computer. It means that you must scan your computer with anti-virus and fix Windows registry for smooth functionality..

You can migrate from Windows XP
You cannot migrate from Windows XP is a misconception, which is not true. Yes, you cannot use update of Windows 7 in Windows XP. Many users migrate from one place to another because of easier support but you can still do it.
You can use Microsoft deployment Toolkitthat migrate you from Windows XP to Windows 7 in such a painless manner.

If you have skipped Windows Vista
Windows 7 is being considered as a better operating system than previous. But if you have skipped Windows Vista, you will find Windows 7 an entirely new place. Most of the features and interface of Windows 7 look alike Vista. For Windows XP users it is a completely new place while Vista users may find it familiar.

Incompatible Hardware
Many users are concerned about availability of device drivers while updating to Windows 7. They don’t need to worry much because most of the device drivers in Windows 7 are basic as in Windows Vista. Some new drivers may require you to install a driver that you can check on manufacturer website.

Avoid manual labor
You don’t need to run here are there finding Windows DVD’s and its kind of manual labor that is not gonna land you on appropriate place. You must have Microsoft latest deployment tool. Straightforward tool can make your life easier. Windows Automated Installation comes with deployment image servicing and management. This tool will help you manage Windows 7 deployment over the period. It dynamically provision device drivers and deploy virtual hard drive image. Finally, it helps you creating image and automated OS.

Missing application
You will notice that there is lot of missing applications in Windows 7. It includes Windows Mail, Messenger, Address Book, Movie Maker, and Photo Gallery. Microsoft just not put them in Windows 7 because many users don’t use. You can still have it through Microsoft Live Essentials.

There are issues that can bother you big time. You can fix them all in just a chunk of time.

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