Senin, 27 Mei 2013

How to Delete Temporary Files in Windows 8

Most of the new systems are available with the pre-installed Windows 8. However, the functions of this new Operating system are different from the previous versions. Often times, new users find it difficult to operate. Moreover, they look for the commands and easy actions to delete the temporary files.
You must know the process of deleting temporary files is different in Windows 8. Therefore follow the below procedure:

Step 1)
Go to the Desktop (click desktop icon from the Start Screen)

Step 2)
Press Windows key + R (to launch Run box)

Step 3)
Type “%temp%” in the box and Click Ok

Step 4)
A new window will pop up for Temporary files folder

Step 5)
Select all files and hit Delete key from your Keyboard

Step 6)
After this, a new dialog box will pop up to confirm the process. Check “Do this for all Current items.”
Click OK to Continue

If you find any error, click “Skip,” close all applications, and repeat the process.

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