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How to Solve Programs Compatibility Issues in Windows XP

To explore more in the Windows, we often install numerous programs. These programs help us to flourish our comfort level while working on a system. As you know, Windows XP is used extensively in many organizations for user-friendly features; therefore, users want to have latest applications in it. However, problem arises when certain programs have compatibility issues in Windows XP. You may know that these issues are also known as Application Compatibility Issues. If you are among such users who are facing above issue, then you need to optimize Windows XP to solve it effectively. Follow the below mentioned steps.

Program Compatibility Wizard:
With the help of Program Compatibility Wizard, you can examine your programs in various modes. In addition, you can check programs in different settings. If your program is designed for previous version like Windows 98, set the program mode to Windows 8 and run it in Windows XP. It works great for many programs.

Internet – For Fixes and Updates:
At times, outdated version does not make compatibility with operating system. Therefore, install new updates from the internet. You need to navigate to the manufacture website of the program and check whether updates or fixes are available. You can also visit Microsoft official website to find a fix for the program.

Login as Administrator to Install a Program:
Often times, programs are designed to install as administrator. If you are not logged in as administrator, they will show errors. Therefore, first login as administrator, then install the programs. In addition, various programs are designed to use with different Microsoft versions only.

Issues with Compatible Programs:
It is not necessary that issue rise only with such programs that are not compatible. However, compatible programs also have problems in Windows XP. These issues rise if you have upgraded your operating system from previous version to Windows XP. You can solve them by the following procedure.

1.       Uninstall the Program
2.       Delete existing files and folder of the Program manually
3.       Install the complete version of Program
4.       Look for the updates available on the manufacturer’s website

Install The Latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE):
Install and run the latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE). It will help you to solve the issues of that Program, which requires java application.

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