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Speed Up a PC – Transfer Files to an External Drive

Most people have queries if they shift heavy files/ data to external drive, will they find a speedy system. Yes, it is true. You can transfer various large sized files to external drives to have a speedy system. In addition, you can make a complete backup of your data in external drives.
To speed up your computer and transfer data to external drive, follow the steps mentioned below.

1)      Clean Windows Registry:
First, you need to optimize Windows registry. You must know that registry is the database for all programs. It is affected when programs are not properly installed / uninstalled. Moreover, it becomes corrupted whenever unused keys are left. Therefore, clean Windows registry with the help of free registry cleaner Windows 8 i.e. Registry Recycler. Once it is cleaned, follow the next step.

2)      Install Additional Memory (RAM):
If you have low virtual memory (RAM) in the system, then you need to install additional memory. For example, your operating system requirement is 2 GB; and you have already 2 GB. Still you can install additional memory of 1 or 2 GB. It will boost up your system speed. In addition, lower memory will create various problems while you transfer the files to external drive. Moreover, lower memory may not support large size external drive.

3)      Defrag and Clean Hard Drive:

1.       Make a free space in your system’s hard drive. For this, delete Temporary Files from the Web Browser.
2.       Defrag Hard Drive with the help of Disk Defragmenter/Optimizer
3.       Your system must be cleaned from any threats. Therefore, clean up your system’s Hard Drive and External Drive with the help of Windows free Utility.  
4.       In addition, run a Security Program to clean a system from virus and other malware. A good security program will clean both system and external hard drives. Once they are cleaned follow the next step.

4)      Move Programs:
Now make a backup of your data in the external Hard Drive. However, you can directly copy / transfer the files to it. Try to transfer large files to the external drive. This way, you can make free space in the local drive.

1.       Connect External Hard Drive
2.       External drive is Plug and Play. If not, then install it
3.       Make sure it is Powered On (if it has power button)
4.       Wait unless it is Recognized and Initialized
5.       Copy Files to it.

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