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Reasons Why Your System Runs Slow - Get It Fixed Now

A computer machine is specially designed to help you in different tasks. However, working on a slow computer is frustrating. Your programs take long time to launch and operate. In addition, system freezes and crashes several times. Finally, you decide to throw it from your room or sale it at low price. This is not the solution, because after a good time your new system may also offer such problems. Therefore, you need to find, configure, and fix the issues behind this problem. 

There are various reasons for a slow PC. If you are having this problem, follow the below steps to solve it effectively. I hope it will work great for you.

Possible Reasons:
Following are the possible reasons for the above problem:

1.       Heavy Data and Large Files
2.       Running multiple Heavy Applications at same time
3.       Fragmented Registry
4.       Infected System
5.       Low RAM

Solution for the Problem
Following are the solutions for the problem:

Heavy Data and Large Files:
Often times, users believe that a computer machine can hold any large file. However, they need to remember it is only a machine with some limitations. If there are many large files and heavy data in the system that has almost occupied your hard disk space, then your system will go slowdown. In addition, its efficiency will decrease gradually. Therefore, install an external memory stick to your system and shift heavy files to it. Your system must have at least 20% free space on hard drive.

Close Multiple Programs:
While you run any heavy application, you need to close other running applications. Moreover, system’s efficiency will distribute in all running programs. In result, your system will not be able to quickly perform any action.

Defragment Windows Registry:
Windows registry is responsible for the information and settings of all programs. It is informed about each action taken in the system. However, it becomes corrupted when unused keys are left in it. These unused keys are burden for registry. In addition, corrupted registry will affect your system. Therefore, install a free registry cleaner and fix issues.

Add More RAM:
Low RAM will not support various heavy applications to perform properly. In addition, your system may go slowdown. Therefore, add at least 2GB RAM to tour system (depending on the system’s specification)

Install Reliable Security Program:
A system is infected when virus and other malware attack on it. In addition, infected system will not perform normally. For this, install and run a reliable security program. It will complete scan your system and remove possible threats from it.

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