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How to Make your PC Secure

Internet world is full viruses and it is difficult for an ordinary user to deal with such issues. However, knowing a little bit about this would make your life easier. By following some simple actions, you can protect your computer.


Install Anti-Virus Program

The very step to protect you against viruses is to have anti-virus program installed on computer. It is highly recommended to keep your anti-virus program up to date. Daily new viruses arise and only software update can prevent you from those viruses. If viruses are infecting your computer it will enter in every portion of computer and will require you to use anti-virus to get rid of viruses.

Note: Anti-viruses alone cannot 100% remove viruses. For that, you must use a safe and free registry software after scanning PC with antivirus. It will remove virus entries from registry and PC will be free from any further threat.

Set Browser Privacy Settings

You must be aware about website that requires your personal information and what they do with that information. It can use as a fraud or identity theft. If you are on any explore you can adjust Privacy Settings or you can even restore to default settings. Visit manufacturer’s website on how to set Privacy Settings for your browser.


A wall that monitors and prevents data travelling between your computer and rest of the world. It alerts you about suspicious activities in your computer. It also tries to control virus, worms, and other harmful programs.

Use Pop-up Blocker
You must have noticed a small Window appear on web browser when you open a particular website and it needs your permission. This trick usually employ by advertisers but some website keeps malicious or unsafe code. Pop up blocker use to block such content entering into your computer without your permission. Usually, internet explorer and other browsers have default pop-up blocker turn on.

Turn on User Account Control

Few changes into your computer need administrative level permissions. User account control only provides access to approve or disapprove. In this way, it will help you to keep your computer secure from viruses that are making unwanted changes in computer. Whenever, a virus will try to change a setting or installation, Windows will ask you.

Beware of Email Attachments

Do not open email attachments unless you are sure that what this attachment is about and where it is coming from. Open email of friends, family, and people who are added in your contacts. Spam emails have very attractive and believable subjects that urge you to open.

Keep Computer Updated

Over the period Microsoft, launch security and other updates necessary for your computer. Make sure that you are receiving those updates and installation.

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